Towards Reef Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods: a handbook for Caribbean reef managers

The project has produced a handbook that aims to provide reef managers with tools, information and recommendations on management of coral reef ecosystems. The handbook sections range from ecological history and biogeography, resilience as well as climate change issues to fisheries, governance and the monitoring of coral reef ecosystems.

Within each section are practical stand-alone ‘briefs’. These briefs offer concise information on particular reef-related issues, utilising some of the most recent scientific research to inform management actions. Each of the briefings is a unique grab-and-go resource. The accessible format also provides a useful resource for students, researchers, policy-makers and anyone interested in the future of Caribbean coral reefs.

Click on the handbook above to download the entire handbook or click below to download individual topic areas and sections in a higher resolution if you would like to print individual sections.




Caribbean coral reefs: ecological history & biogeography (pgs 10-23)

Coral reef state and resilience (pgs 24-51)

Climate change & its effects on Caribbean coral reefs (pgs 52-63)

Coral reef fisheries management (pgs 64-93)

Ecosystem services & their value (pgs 94-111)

Governance (pgs 112-131)

Livelihoods (pg 132-143)

Reef monitoring for management (pgs 144-160)


p.156 "Coral cover by growth form or species", under section "Possible main interpretation", Should read: "A. palmata can become infested by Coralliophila especially if the coral is not that abundant"




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