Compendium of Management Measures

The purpose of this compendium is to offer a user-friendly framework for finding information related to legislation, part of formal governance (e.g., regulations) which can be easily accessed by managers or those interested in this type of knowledge. 

Based on research under the theme, Governance and coral reefs, a wide range of legislative instruments was identified, some of which were classified more broadly as management tools. To focus only on legislative instruments was considered too narrow therefore the table produced here is a more generalised marine resources management framework that includes legislation and legal instruments as one of 13 management categories. The others are: technical measures, temporal/spatial measures, informing management, economic incentives, management philosophy, education and communication, manuals and guidelines, software support and decision-making, participatory processes, strategy documents, and policy and planning process.

The list of categories is neither exclusive nor prescriptive but more a starting point for countries in the Wider Caribbean to discuss their applicability in facilitating management of coral reefs. The compendium is based on  information from four case country study sites (Barbados, St. Kitts and Nevis, Belize and Honduras) and offers a systematic way in which related information can easily be located in one place.

Click on the image above to access the table.

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